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Who is rita wilson dating

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It's official: Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson are the most adorable couple in Hollywood.After 29 years of marriage, a milestone the couple celebrated yesterday, these two are still as in love with each other as they were when they first met. The sweet way they celebrated their big anniversary—that is, at least what we think must have been a very adorable date.

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They have had their share of ups and downs with Rita being diagnosed with breast cancer in 2015 and undergoing a double mastectomy.Tom Hanks and his wife Rita Wilson enjoyed a stroll together in the Big Apple!The 61-year-old actor and the 60-year-old actress were spotted out and about after grabbing some food on Sunday (October 15) in New York City. MORE: Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson Couldn't Have Been Any Cuter During PDA-Filled Rome Film Festival Red Carpet " data-reactid="15" MORE: Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson Couldn't Have Been Any Cuter During PDA-Filled Rome Film Festival Red Carpet "Oh my Lord, that's right! Naturally, the birthday girl dug in, declaring the cake was "delicious!" but her husband opted out."Well you know, even though my wife – being only 33 as she is and I'm so much more older than she is -- perhaps I shouldn't, but you know what I'm gonna let my blood sugars rest a little bit."Hanks went on to reveal the best piece of advice he has gotten from his wife of 28 years."Go change...change that! Go back in your closet, you're not wearing that tonight! "I used to have this thing that – I loved it – was a baseball jersey from Japan it said Nerima on it. It had pin stripes, it was old it said Nerima, which is I guess a neighborhood in Tokyo.Last night, “Extra’s” Charissa Thompson caught up with Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson at the premiere of his film “Inferno” in Hollywood, where they took on tabloid rumors that they are planning to divorce.

The pair has been married for 28 years and explained why it was important for them to earn rare retractions from the magazines.

If a woman did to a male candidate what this male has done to our female candidate, I think that would be outrageous and people would think it would was unacceptable.

For some reason, that’s become okay; I’m tired of that and can’t wait for it to be over.” “Inferno” hits theaters Friday.

"Too vivacious, too beautiful, too popular—everything—too upbeat, too positive." Adorable!

The couple married in 1988, just three years after they began dating, but Hanks recently admitted he had his eye on Wilson since the first moment he saw her.

That’s a huge accomplishment for people who have every bit of their personal lives scrutinized and intruded upon.