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Who is lady gaga dating from vampire diaries

Do you wish Lady Gaga well in her new relationship?Lady Gaga met Taylor Kinney on the set of her music video for the single “Yoü and I” in 2011.

Dressed in black and sporting long, blond hair, Gaga ate with a party of six.She supposedly was still dating the actor when she found out about him and Lady Gaga.She told Us weekly that she thought he was “Fame Hungry”.Kinney's grandmother, Joanne Heisler, died about a week ago and her funeral was held here Friday, according to her obituary.He apparently returned home for the service, which a source said Gaga did not attend. Most commentators had no idea if she was even into girls or guys (a question she pushed even further with her hit song Born This Way).

Well for now it seems as if she is into guys, one guy in particular that is.

She also went on to talk about the dump that Kinney shares with his three roommates. Lady Gaga was also seen around Kinney’s home town in Pennsylvania looking at houses.

a $1.7 million dollar house in the area supposedly caught her eye.

Somerhalder famously dated co-star Nina Dobrev for a few years, but this is his first marriage.

Lady Gaga’s friend DJ Starlight says the singer is getting ready to marry her Vampire Diaries star boyfriend Taylor Kinney, this summer.

Lady Gaga and Taylor, who met when she handpicked him to star in the music video for You And I, are currently living together in Chicago while the singer recovers from hip surgery and Taylor shoots a new TV series.