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Who is ice cube dating

Their altercation is surprisingly even-handed and was definitely a groundbreaking move in the gangsta scene.

The US rapper rose to fame as a member of hip hop group called NWA but had been in the rap business way before that.According to her husband, he still gets the butterflies when he sees her.He maintains that he has remained true to himself despite his fame just because he had a backbone in Kim who was always there to put things in perspective. (son with Kimberly Woodruff) Date of Birth: February 24, 1991 Zodiac Sign: Aquarius O’Shea is the musician and aspiring actor that can pass as the exact replica of the music star, only the younger version.No way Cause I can only deal with em about an hour every day Yeah if you know what I mean baby [YY] Well I guess, now that I think about it I think maybe If you was more of a man instead of faking it Women deserve the credit when they're making it [IC] Yeah so what's the problem?[YY] Well I think we solved it I know they know the best male from who's doggin it [IC] Yeah I admit you can flow [YY] Well that's true [IC] But you see I'm a pro with the bank too [YY] Yeah I can see you got it good [IC] Oh that I know [YY] But you see you're not better than Yo-Yo The brand-new intelligent black lady [IC] You're kinda dope but you still can't fade me [YY] So what up then? [YY] To prove a black woman like me can bring the funk through [IC] This is a man's world thank you very much [YY] But it wouldn't be a damn thing without a woman's touch [IC] Or a big butt...Doris Benjamin (mother) Doris is the proud mother of the famous rap star and worked as a hospital clerk while her son was much younger.

The hip hop mogul refers to his mother as the woman who supported him regardless of whether she agreed with his decisions just as long as it “kept him off the streets”.

In interview to Teen Ink Ice Cube mentioned that he had a half-sister that was killed when he was only 12 years old in 1981.

Kimberly Woodruff (spouse) Duration of Marriage: April 26, 1992 till present Date of Birth: September 23, 1970 Zodiac Sign: Libra When Kimberly first met Jackson, she was in a relationship with another man but swoon became single and they met again.

Clyde Jackson (older brother from same parents) Year of Birth: 1960 Ice Cube has an older brother Clyde who did help to make up his rap moniker.

Pat Jackson (brother from same parents) Sophie Jackson (sister from same parents) In Rock Hall of Fame Acceptance Speech Ice Cube thanked his siblings Clyde, Pat, Sophie for “putting up with them turntables and speakers and all that damn noise we was making”.

Hosea Jackson (father) Hosea was a groundskeeper and machinist at UCLA.