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Who is g dragon dating

As per Koreaboo, fans even noted that they appear to be using Instagram as a means to send secret messages to one another.

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The photos, which were widely circulated on Twitter, showed the BIGBANG leader with his trademark black face mask.Although the girl's identity cannot be identified completely, many presume it is Sandara Park.At one point in the video, the girl's hoodie drops down and the girl hairstyle is seen.G-Dragon keeps Dara close to him — like a boyfriend! Some fans swear it's a split-second kiss, although it looks more like he's simply speaking to her..just, you know, turning his head.YG Entertainment, noticing the immediate explosion of noise surrounding the two superstars online, issued a statement today (Jan.Images courtesy of My Daily Just now, YG Entertainment has issued a statement denying that BIGBANG member G-Dragon and Sandara Park of 2NE1 are dating.

The company issued the statement following the spread of a photo showing G-Dragon playfully embracing a woman and covering her head with her hood, the woman in the picture being Dara.

However, everything was just a prank and “Dara Gon” is just an imagined romance.

Their record label addressed the issue after the rumored romance set the online world ablaze.

The hottest item in the world of K-Pop is the rumor that former 2NE1 member Sandara Park is dating BIGBANG front man Kwon Ji-young or popularly known as G-Dragon.

Speculations that the two music superstars are dating surfaced after they were spotted leaving the boy band’s concert’s after-party together.

They were even spotted wearing couple items such as bracelets, caps and masks.