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While validating that device serial0 was really a serial port

Since virsh already has support for understanding all the defined sections, this new backend is automatically supported by virsh.You would use it like this: virsh net-update mynet add ip-dhcp-range \ "" --live --config The bridge driver also already supports all sections, so it's doing the correct thing in this case as well - since the dhcp range is placed on the dnsmasq commandline, the bridge driver recreates the dnsmasq commandline, and re-runs dnsmasq whenever a range is added/deleted (and AFFECT_LIVE is specified in the flags).

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Note that in the case of portgroup, there is no external daemon based on the portgroup config, so nothing must be restarted.If you don't specify either (you can optionally specify "--current" for the same effect), then the "current" config will be updated (i.e.if the network is active, then only its live config is affected, but if the network is inactive, only the persistent config is affected).If update of the persistent config failed, we would leave with things in an inconsistent state - the live state would be updated (even though an error was returned), but persistent config unchanged.This patch changed vir Network Obj Update to use a separate pointer for each copy of the vir Network Def, and not commit either of them in the vir Network Obj until both live and config parts of the update have successfully completed.This cleanup is conceptually independent from the rest of the series (although the later patches won't apply without it). 2012-09-21 Jiri Denemark qemu: Fix failure path in disk hotplug Disk hotplug is a two phase action: qemu Monitor Add Drive followed by qemu Monitor Add Device.

This just seems a good opportunity to clean this up, instead of entrenching the unnecessary return value in the vir Log Output Func instance that will be added in this series. When the first part succeeds but the second one fails, we need to rollback the drive addition.

Yesterday 7Elements released the description of a Remote Code Execution vulnerability in VMware v Center.

The information came in at a good point as I’m at the moment drafting a follow-up blogpost for this one which will summarize some of our approaches to virtualization security.

Release of libvirt-0.10.2 * docs/in in: update for the release * po/*.po*: update from transifex and regenerate Fix an rpmbuild failure $RPM_BUILD_ROOT was embedded in /etc/rc.d/init.d/libvirt-guests 2012-09-24 Daniel P.

Berrange Don't install legacy initscripts at same time as systemd ones The Fedora policies don't want us installing the legacy initscripts in parallel with the systemd ones, so switch to only install the systemd unit 2012-09-22 Laine Stump network: log error for unknown vir Network Update command codes Every level of the code for vir Network Update was assuming that some other level was checking for validity of the "command" arg, but none actually were.

* docs/in: Remove extra ' doc: include article about libvirt audit in This patch adds to a link to an article about libvirt describing how the Linux audit subsystem can be used to track qemu guest's life-cycle. Berrange Ensure exists if bootstrap fails If any of the bootstrap tasks (autoconf/automake/etc) failed, carried on running any pre-existing configure anyway.