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Updating suse 9 0 to 9 2

If you have an unusual setup, we strongly recommend doing a test upgrade first, though!We still strongly recommend to make a backup of your database and data. We have written a great guide on upgrading own Cloud in our documentation.

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If you use own Cloud with other web servers like Ngnix or on platforms like a NAS, be sure to have an extra careful look at the documentation and check out the forums!As a TL; DR, the most important things to take note off: own Cloud Server 9.0 introduces many smaller and larger improvements all over own Cloud, from tagging and commenting on files to many under-the-hood improvements and new capabilities for administrators to configure and control own Cloud.You can find out more about what is new in our announcement blog and see a full overview on the website.Carefully read the document, make the appropriate choices about how you will upgrade (with packages, manually or the updater app), and proceed with the steps described.Note that if you wish to use the updater app, we usually release a new major own Cloud version for the updater app within a week after the release, provided no big problems are found, so this is currently not yet available.The existing package owncloud is reduced to a simple wrapper pulling in both packages with those.

Usually, newer versions mean better performance with own Cloud.

If you would like the benefit of these improvements then it’s time for you to move to own Cloud 9.0!

The own Cloud 9.0 release notes this time only contain a note for LDAP users.

own Cloud Server 9.0 was released yesterday, delivering new collaboration features like commenting and tags, big scalability improvements and more advanced federation capabilities.

As promised, today we’ll tell you how to upgrade to the latest and greatest from the own Cloud community!

If this does not help you, there is a support page on which links to the various resources available to you.