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Updating python mac terminal

The REQUIRED_PACKAGES section of lists the packages that pip will install or upgrade.In order to install Tensor Flow, your system must contain one of the following Python versions: If your system does not already have one of the preceding Python versions, install it now.

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During the virtualenv installation process, you will install not only Tensor Flow but also all the packages that Tensor Flow requires.This will guarantee that Matplotlib’s dependencies will be installed as well.If, for some reason, you cannot use the package manager, you may use the wheels available on Py PI: , and its own copy of Matplotlib.NOTE: The conda package is community supported, not officially supported.That is, the Tensor Flow team neither tests nor maintains the conda package. Take the following steps to install Tensor Flow with Virtualenv: If you encounter installation problems, see Common Installation Problems.In Anaconda, you may use conda to create a virtual environment.

However, within Anaconda, we recommend installing Tensor Flow with the command.

is the Matplotlib version you just installed, and the path following depends on whether you are using Python, Homebrew or Macports.

If you see another version, or you get an error like this: , then you are getting the Python installed with OSX, which is probably not what you want.

One convenient way to install matplotlib with other useful Python software is to use one of the excellent Python scientific software collections that are now available: .

Continuum and Enthought offer their own installation support for these collections; see the Ananconda and Canopy web pages for more information.

Other options for a fresh Python install are the standard installer from, or installing Python using a general OSX package management system such as homebrew or macports.