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The River Ness, as it runs through the city centre is some 50 to 60 metres wide and, after heavy rain, can be extremely fast flowing.

The A82 is a major trunk route and carries both fast and heavy traffic so beware any dangerous parking or reversing manoeuvres and never park unless you can park completely and safely off the main highway.Telford's canal links the North Sea with the Atlantic via the Moray Firth, Loch Dochfour, Loch Ness, Loch Oich, Loch Lochy and Sea-loch Linnhe.We cross the canal and head towards Loch Dochfour , passing further gravel mounds on our left at Torvean.Industry is light and varied with tourism being the single major income generator.Good city planning is demonstrated by the bulk of industry being located in the north east side of the city, but the city centre exhibits some rather disastrous planning of yesteryear when concrete monstrosities were erected on the river side almost completely obscuring the attractive castle which houses the sheriff courts.Here, several times per day, the traffic comes to a standstill while yachts and cruisers laze their way east or west through the swing bridge.

Amazingly the Brahan Seer predicted that ships would sail behind Tomnahurich hill more than a century before the building of the Caledonian Canal which was completed in 1822.

Let us start in the capital of the Highlands, Inverness.

Inver means "mouth of" and so Inverness means "mouth of the Ness river". It leaves Loch Ness at the Bonar Narrows, separates from the canal at Loch Dochfour Then continues its way to the firths of Moray and Beauly through gravel beds deposited by the glaciers of the last ice age and upon which Inverness now stands.

As we leave Lochend on the opposite shore we see Aldourie Castle where the reception for the premier of the film Loch Ness was held.

A picture of the castle on a flat calm day is shown on the left.

It would make good sense to learn a little about the area.