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Teen dating violence canada

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For the 2014-2015 season, the production will visit St.Andrews, Bathurst, Saint John and Woodstock, NB; St.

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This morning, Grade 9 students from schools across St.Over the past decade and through initiation of the CDC DELTA initiative (Domestic Violence Prevention Enhancement and Leadership Through Alliances; Martin, Coyne-Beasley, Hoehn, et al.2009; CDC, 2012), there has been a surge of interest in the development of primary prevention strategies to curb it.Therefore, our goal in undertaking the present review was to cull from the relatively large body of research about dating violence a comprehensive list of factors that have been found—by at least one study—to predict dating violence perpetration and to have preceded it temporally.We have been catholic and uncritical in our inclusion of factors, because our goal is to offer the field a base of information which can be used to shape future empirical investigations.While the review identified several potentially causal factors for dating violence perpetration, such as witnessing interparental violence, experiencing child abuse, and attitudes about aggression, the authors correctly noted that no causal inferences could be made from the underlying studies that were available.

The lack of longitudinal data about risk and protective factors for dating violence perpetration led to problems for practitioners who were tasked with designing prevention programs in the next decade.

Opportunities to discuss and educate our students about the important topics of intimate partner violence and mental health are ones we support.

Dating violence is a serious public health problem. Practitioners who are tasked with developing dating violence prevention strategies should pay particular attention to risk and protective factors for dating violence perpetration that have been established in longitudinal studies.

As Lewis and Fremouw predicted, practitioners had to design prevention programs to target of dating violence, since superior information about potentially causal factors was unavailable.

Today, we are fortunate to have the results of multiple longitudinal research studies about dating violence perpetration upon which to draw, although to date these results have not been reviewed.

This will allow for more direct and cost-effective primary preventive strategies, resulting in more efficacious treatment” (Lewis and Fremouw, 2001, pg 124).