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A few of them have a good potential, so you should develop them a bit and they'll have a nice value if you really want to sell them.But please take in mind that these are only my opinions, based on their names and potential.

, I'm not sure they're allowed to do that , reg fee Cyber --$XX Popular -- reg fee vip --$XX Match -- suitable for a firematch company , $XX -- good one, $50 Matchmaking -- reg fee Cyber Dating -- reg fee Cyber Dating -- reg fee Lovelorn -- less that reg fee Lovelorn --same -- same Dating --nice one, $XX Flirt --$XX Heart --reg fee Kiss -- reg fee Match -- same as matchguru Galaxy -- maybe in 2100 , but for now $XX Romance -- nice, $50 Pak -- reg fee Pyar -- reg fee Ishq --worthless -- reg fee GMatch --reg fee Love -- $XX Love -- good one, more than $50 Love -- it's an org, pretty worthless, reg fee e Dating -- good one too, $50 Next -- has potential, $XX My -- it's an org, reg fee 1800Find -- $XX e -- org vip -- $XX Romance --reg fee Mr Kiss -- wierd, $X A1-- reg fee Heart -- nice, $XX Lose Your --I'm not sure about this Match --good one, $XX Flirt -- same as above Flirt -- $XX Flirt --$XX Marriage --$XX Marriage -- good one, $XX Marry -- same as above Vip -- pretty long, reg fee Speed Dating -- $X Elite --I'm not sure elite would use a dating service e -- has potential, $XX Ideal -- what's ideal about a bride ? $XX Date -- $X Dating Club -- good one, $XX Date --strange, reg fee Date --reg fee Romance --really nice, above $50 Local -- depending where it's used.I should be on your payroll for uprising your domains each week Gentlemen, We have acquired few more dating-love-matchmaking-romance-singles-personals related domains as follows: Cyber My Love Box Office Box Office Box Office Box Office Box Office Asian e Love Romance Single Romance Flirt Love Secret Adorable Masterpiece Lovely Real Love Vacant Pretty Love Love Romance Match Love Dating As always, all kind of good, bad, and ugly comments are welcome. TIG Groups is a communications tool provided free of charge by Taking ITGlobal.Most of them will be developed as part of our dating network Match that we just launched with other 120 domains (that were not listed here).The field seems to have some great potential I think.

Will appreciate a comment or two on these domains as well.

Marriage Loveless Sikh Varsity Islamic Cyber Popular vip Match Matchmaking Cyber Dating Cyber Dating Lovelorn Lovelorn Dating Flirt Heart Kiss Match Galaxy Romance Pak Pyar Ishq GMatch Love Love Love e Dating Next My 1800Find e vip Romance Mr Kiss A1Heart Lose Your Match Flirt Flirt Flirt Marriage Marriage Marry Vip Speed Dating Elite e Ideal Attractive Marriage Fancy Ace Hit Elegant Speed Date Match Love Trademark Trademark Trademark Trademark Trademark College India Match e China Global Date Global International World e Hello Date Dating Club Date Date Romance Local Hot Single Hit Popular Sikh Hindu Islamic India China Euro German Solo Solo Solo e Other e Daters Dater American World Dater Global International Once Upon Cyber e Romance Web Date Mate Go Free Dating Free Dating Varsity Varsity e e Single 1Heart2Once Upon Friend e Pyar e Dating Dating Date Awesome Tiptop Good Date3Date5Date6Date Dating Love Hello Discover Hot The Single4Mates Romance Darling Real Harmony Harmony Sexy Dude Mate Mate ok Tiptop Superb Fundamental Fundamental Regards, Ok, you sure have a long list here.

So, belowe you'll find the domains you listed with some comments on some of them.

It’s also to help countless men who blindly set their favorite pictures of themselves as dating profiles and later wonder why beautiful women are not responding to their messages.

My goal today is to show practical, implementable strategies for becoming “good looking” online, without needing a physique that would put Adonis to shame or stellar natural good looks.

tall, I don’t look like a male underwear model, my trip to climb mount.