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Star trek fans dating

The twice-delayed introduction comes after a spinoff of "The Good Wife," titled "The Good Fight," attracting nearly 8 million viewers for its network debut.(The network isn't releasing specific data for All Access but has renewed that show for a second season.) By leveraging "Trek" in this fashion -- to the chagrin of some fans -- CBS is essentially mirroring the strategy that Paramount employed in the mid-1990s, when it used "Star Trek: Voyager" as the cornerstone of its then-fledgling network, UPN.

Admittedly, the latest edition of "Star Trek," featuring a cast that includes "The Walking Dead's" Sonequa Martin-Green, Michelle Yeoh and Jason Isaacs, arrives in a media world almost as complicated as the one Roddenberry envisioned." Whether it's the films or the TV shows, The Original Series or The Next Generation, Trekkies can engage each other in the Vulcan death grip with Trek Dating.Recently I was given the opportunity for a free trail of the ‘Star Trek Dating’ site by its founder, which I decided to give a go just to see what kind of people I could find on that site.To be honest, when I arrived at the site I was a little disappointed that for a site named ‘Star Trek Dating’ they had very little ‘Star Trek’ inspired designs of formatting or branding, but most likely this is due to the crazy copyrights and lawsuits Paramount and CBS have been known to involve people in when they try to capitalize on the ‘Star Trek’ branding.Other than that the people seemed exceptionally nice, though a good number of the ones I spoke to did not even seem to be hard core “trekkies,” which seemed odd to me for a website supposedly catering to major fans of ‘Star Trek.’ (After all, why else would you use this site?Nearly a month later and both sides appear to still be locked in a legal standoff.

According to , Axanar Productions filed paperwork seeking relief from the lawsuit just days after Abrams made his announcement, going so far as to include Abrams' statements in their motion to dismiss.

Single Trekkies of all sexual orientations can beam up their profiles on Trek, a site established in 2013 when founder Jonathan Bird was looking for love himself. He and wife Dawn met on the website just two days after she joined.

(Jonathan Bird said the marriage is still going well, even though Dawn doesn't speak Klingon.) "A few years ago, I wanted to teach myself code," Bird told via email.

So, being a Trekkie myself, I figured, Why not Trek

" Millions of users have already signed up, Bird said.

And while I might not necessarily recommend this site to anyone looking for partner of the opposite sex (the price of the site is a little hefty for such a new and small site, with users not even able to send out a reply to messages unless they pay for a premium account), I would recommend for people to try it out and see if they find any like-minded individuals based on profiles, and then pay the premium price if you find a compatible I think in the end that is the refuge that this dating site offers to its users.