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Moderator: Christoher ‚Che’ Mott Competition session based on 3-minute startup presentations.

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In democratic countries, where transparency and freedom of speech are considered fundamental values, it is very difficult to protect oneself from manipulation and disinformation.After each pitch deck, the jury panel (investors, partners) will ask additional questions and give an initial evaluation.Once all the presentations are delivered, the jury panel will deliberate and choose the winner, who will then have the opportunity to present their pitch deck on the CYBERSEC 2017 main stage.The rest is located in the more difficult to access areas called the Dark (or Deep) Web.This hidden part of the Internet comprises also dangerous areas, used mainly by cybercriminals.The aim of this debate is to identify the key issues related to the operation of countries and international organisations in cyberspace, which appear on the international agenda.

The discussion will also broach the subject of the development of cyber diplomacy.

A particular threat to democratic countries lies in the potential electoral manipulation.

The aim of the discussion will be to identify the tools used for information warfare in cyberspace and to determine the measures increasing the countries’ resilience in this area.

With artificial intelligence these will be possible in the nearest future.

Let’s take a look at the future of business software, that uses natural interfaces to communicate with users.

The aim of this discussion will be to identify measures that should be taken in order to guarantee a safe and secure functioning of the Internet of Things.