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Speed dating in boulder colorado

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There’s a law somewhere that says mountain’s can’t have “possessive names,” so they just removed the apostrophe.Because of the high altitude, everything that’s bottled is under pressure.

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We came here for many reasons: clean air, minimal pollution, very little traffic, low crime rates, low taxes, and (most importantly), we had family here.It was just part of our routine—we’d set out our color-coded recycling bins (green/yellow/blue) at the curb next to the garbage can on trash day.So naturally, after moving here, I figured that recycling would be .My wife, who’s lived here for 21 years has never even tried to go to the top, or hike it at all.Oh, and for the record, it’s called “Pikes Peak,” not “Pike’s Peak.” Its official name does not include an apostrophe, at least since 1890.Most local shops in town offer “military discounts” for active-duty military, and you’ll frequently see soldiers dressed in combat fatigues when you’re shopping or out for dinner.

An enormous percentage of our population is active or retired military.

What a lot of people do is work for the Air Force or Army for twenty years and retire to Colorado Springs, working for a private contractor doing the same job as before (Space Systems Engineering, for example) for three times the pay, while drawing military retirement benefits.

It’s one of the most lucrative deals I’ve ever heard of.

A few years ago, I tried to find a place where I could recycle our glass bottles because I felt bad always throwing them in the trash. Only one recycling center told me they take my glass bottles if I wanted, but I wouldn’t get paid anything, and I would have to drop them off since they wouldn’t pick them up. And it only took them a decade and a half to catch up! It’s a game of supposedly American Indian origin, where high school kids run around on grass fields wearing enormous safety goggles and waving white nets.

So if you’re at a BBQ at a friend’s house, don’t bother looking for a recycling bin for your soda or beer can. [Update, 2015: As of last year, my local trash service has started offering single-stream recycling, and I signed up as soon as I found out about it. The first time I drove by a high school and saw a lacrosse game, I thought the girls soccer team was running around catching butterflies.

There are many roads in downtown Colorado Springs that give people a lot of trouble, two that seem nearly impossible: “Cache le Poudre” and “Vermijo.” Cache le Poudre is French for “hide the powder,” and has a fascinating back story of French trappers who hid gunpowder in a river bank a long time ago.