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The wonderful panelists (l to r) were Angus Killick, Max Rodriguez, Nikki Mutch, and Ray Paszkiewicz.

The panel focused on the overall climate of publishing children’s books from inside the publishing house and the ins and outs of discussing diverse books with your colleagues – both inside and outside of the publishing house – to gain champions at every turn.Unlike the focus of the BEA event, A Place at the Table’s mission was not only to introduce these children’s book creators to the workshop attendees, but to provide a space for discussion and collaboration between everyone involved in children’s literature to promote diversity in children’s books.To continue promoting the publishing industry to a variety of talented job seekers, CBC Diversity participated in the Hire Big 10 Plus Virtual Career Fair, which gave us access to over 3,400 students from 17 universities during the three-day event.The Children’s Book Council looks forward to participating in more career fairs like this one in the future.The session touched on what the CBC Diversity Initiative has accomplished in the past year, with a focus on the Diversity 101 series we feature on our blog, as well as ALSC’s Día initiative (Diversity in Action), dedicated to helping librarians work with their community to build interest and excitement for literacy dedicated to all children from all backgrounds.Check out the action steps documented from the event, recaps of the programming, and footage highlighting multiple attendees’ thoughts and takeaways to help others continue the conversation in their communities.

CBC Diversity committee members Andrea Pinkney and Antonio Gonzalez spoke at the NCTE convention on the Landscapes of Multicultural Stories: Notable Books and Writers panel Saturday, November 22, 2014.

From the beginning, one of the goals of the CBC Diversity Initiative was to help create a more diverse range of employees working within the industry.

Now in its third year, CBC Diversity is taking a closer look at how we can help bring about this change.

This panel focused on a few of the success stories in our industry with the understanding that a book can achieve success in many different ways – earning out its advance, garnering lots of engagement, launching the author into a new age category, reaching the market it was intended for, and more.

Each panelist (one editorial director, one marketing/publicity director, and one sales director) discussed the success of a single title and how it might be applied to others.

On March 12, 2014, the CBC Diversity Committee hosted a Lunch & Learn Panel for hiring managers and human resources professionals within children’s book publishing to come together and explore key ideas focusing on how to bring about a more representative industry.