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As a nice side effect of this work, we will also soon be offering both automated and bespoke professional whitelabeling services to finally satisfy the (nearly constant) demand.

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To keep the Chat Secure™ brand consistent across platforms, we are partnering with Daniel Gultsch to create a whitelabeled version of Conversations to become the new Chat Secure Android.As I mentioned earlier, the Zom fork is focused on a simplified and streamlined user experience, targeted toward a less tech-savvy crowd.Our goal is to produce a messenging product that is fun and easy to use, while also being secure by default, and as decentralized as possible.We plan to utilize the pre-existing Objective-C library Axolotl Kit, written by Frederic Jacobs, that has been used in production since the release of Open Whisper System’s Signal v2.0 for i OS.Unfortunately Axolotl Kit is still currently GPL (and therefore not redistributable to the App Store) so this work is on hold until we can negotiate a change to an App Store-comptible copyleft license like LGPLv2 or MPL 2.0 from Fred and Moxie.Zom i OS is a soft fork of Chat Secure i OS, meaning it was designed to track upstream as closely as possible.

We will continue to develop new features first in Chat Secure i OS, and push them to the downstream forks, such as Zom, as soon as they are stable.

But not everyone remained friends in the way this group of women have.

Charissa commented, "We send random memes in the group. They seem really cool, I like them." The group has even discussed meeting up IRL, but so far distance has kept them from doing so.

It was originally founded, and still primarily maintained, by Daniel Gultsch.

This summer he mentored Andreas Straub’s GSo C 2015 project to develop and implement a new XEP for asynchronous encryption based on Axolotl.

We are excited to announce that major changes are planned for the underlying architecture of Chat Secure Android, and that there is a new UX-focused fork of the existing i OS and Android code bases called Zom.