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"I'm not a member of the club," he says, leaning back in his chair and folding his arms behind his head. It is, he has told more than one friend, good for his "aura." Indeed, he devotes considerable energy to that aura. one of the brightest young men in the country." Says Rinaldo: "The guy has fantastic political savvy.

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Says one national magazine reporter, "I discount about 50 percent of what he says." Stone says he acts as a liaison between the Washington press corps and former president Nixon, arranging off-the-record soirees that have come to be known as the "Saddle River Dinners." Last month, Newsweek called Stone one of Nixon's "most trusted middlemen in Washington." Despite the 40-year age difference, the two have a lot in common. Nixon is voracious for political information." Says a former White House aide who knows both men: "They're both insecure." Says Stone of Nixon: "The man will not be defeated. "He was fantastic," says Mary Mochary, who paid $5,000 a month for Stone's expertise during her unsuccessful 1984 bid to unseat Sen. They got desperate." In early 1981, Evans was named as one of three congressman who had shared a Florida house with lobbyist and Playboy model Paula Parkinson.More than 1,700 residents of Barbuda, where Irma damaged nearly every building, braced for Maria on neighbouring Antigua, now under a tropical storm watch, said Ronald Sanders, the country’s ambassador to the United States.Puerto Rico has already begun preparations for Maria, which by Tuesday was expected to unleash powerful winds on the US territory, already dealing with a weakened economy and fragile power grid.Hurricane conditions were expected for Guadalupe, Dominica, Martinique and St.Kitts, Nevis and Montserrat, and the hurricane centre warned Puerto Rico to monitor the storm. Martin, which was devastated by Hurricane Irma, were under a hurricane watch, as were the US Virgin Islands and Anguilla."The political strategist with no enemies is one with no wins on his record," he says.

"There is some truth to the statement that nice guys finish last." 'The Next Generation's Roy Cohn' He is trim and intense, with a cool, cynical demeanor. He describes them as "sad Hungarian eyes." His hair is blond and he combs it forward, barely covering an impending bald spot.

Up to five inches (13 cm) of rain could fall over parts of the area, and the storm could bring dangerous surf and rip currents as well.

He has a dog named Milhous, a wife named Bitsey, a chauffeur-driven Mercedes and a Jaguar. "He is the single best Republican consultant in a cluster of stars," says close friend John Buckley, press secretary to Rep. "His reputation vastly exceeds his ability." Cocky and controversial, Roger Stone has peddled his way to prominence in Washington the new-fashioned way: dropping names, parlaying contacts and generally playing "hardball." He's acquired a reputation as a ruthless climber -- but it hasn't seemed to hurt business at all.

*Roger Stone's aura includes a reputation as an eager source of information -- usually negative -- on politicians and their foibles. Thomas Kean of New Jersey, state senator William Gormley of New Jersey, Rep. "He believes in the negative campaign," says one former client.

He brags about his access to the media, and says, "the key thing is maintaining your credibility. You can even disgrace him, but he will not be defeated. "His philosophy and mine didn't jibe." The 1982 congressional race between former congressman Tom Evans and Democratic challenger Thomas Carper is a case in point.

“We had two volunteer flights cancel because of the weather that is coming.” The planned deliveries consisted of plywood, power tools and screws to close up windows and doors that remain open on the island, where 90 percent of structures were damaged.