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Scott storch dating history

Duke: What do two guys who have reached the highest levels of success in their craft talk about in the studio? Some interesting stuff that I hadn't even realized.Actually, you'll be the first person I even share this with.

BIG UPS to Complex for believing in the piece, and giving a kid a shot. ) If we're being completely honest, you probably forgot about Scott Storch.You can Google those if you want, but don't place too much weight on the past.He's only looking forward now, concentrating only on regaining the respect and immense success he once held in the music industry.Rick James once famously warned that "cocaine's a hell of a drug" and Storch now knows why.Don't blame yourself for not keeping tabs on him though, Storch understands it was because he made some bad choices.It's going to be a long journey back, but who doesn't love a good comeback story?

When we spoke to Storch at his Miami studio, there was lots of commotion—phones ringing and his employees asking him countless questions, yet he seemed, in a word, chill.

I brought them to Ross and he recorded them all that night.

Duke: The "Supreme" beat is a perfect fit for him on that album, very soulful.

Duke: On the topic of real old friends, what's your relationship today with the guys from The Roots?

SS: My relationship with them is fine, although somewhat non-existent now.

I probably bought 10 cars when I was high." On why he no longer frequents his foreclosed house: "It's a drug den—too big, too much space." On his comeback working with Beat-Her-Down: "I had to beg Chris' [Brown] manager, but the shit is strong." On his sexual conquests: "Kim Kardashian—she was amazing," but there were others.