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Rural dating north yorkshire

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Every file that arrives at the records centre is assigned an action date for disposal.

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Conservation is the physical repair of documents that have become damaged.This fine Grade I Listed house is one of North Yorkshire's most important country houses benefitting from a very secluded and enclosed position, within stone Estate walls and overlooking the delightful parkland and lake whilst enjoying some far reaching views particularly to the south and west.A beautiful Grade II listed house set in historic gardens and parkland Otterington Hall originally dates from the early 19th Century with later Victorian additions.We store in excess of 27,000 boxes with managed access that would otherwise be cluttering prime office space.We retrieve close to 200 files per month and distribute to all locations in North Yorkshire.In order to fulfill our statutory obligations and provide effective services to our customers and partners, we manage the information so that it is available to those who need it when they need it, is reliable and accurate and is disposed of when no longer required.

The records centre staff at the record office handle the transfer, retrieval and disposal of corporate documents and records for all the council.

Practising minimal conservation allows us to retain as much of the original document as possible whilst ensuring that long-term stability and accessibility are maintained.

The five repositories at the record office, which contain six miles of shelving, are environmentally controlled to prevent the deterioration of paper and parchment documents.

The conservation section monitors the environment checking temperature, relative humidity and for infestations.

Conservation are responsible for exhibiting documents from our collections; we have two or three exhibitions each year in record office foyer.

Most of our parish register holdings, and some of our school admission registers, can be consulted through the to view collection-level descriptions of our archival holdings.