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Generally, however, the climate is warm and temperate, particularly in the major coastal cities.

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Zein explains, “Immigrants are 30 per cent more likely to start a business, and immigrant-owned businesses create jobs.They were born into a successful and prosperous society, so they make perfect partners for long term relationships.Australia is a place where all people have dignity and are valued and respected.However, as many industries are struggling to find a way to keep skilled labourers employed in Edmonton, one aspect of Edmonton’s economy is still bringing in—and maintaining—new skills and insights: immigration.Whether Alberta’s economy is robust or in a slow-down, immigration is always helping to create new employment opportunities, introduce new skills, and fill gaps in the economy. Vivian Abboud, owner and founder of Viva Café Cafeterias Inc., describes, immigration creates a win-win situation for everyone involved.It is a stable, culturally diverse, and democratic society with one of the strongest performing economies in the world, along with a very low unemployment rate.

Australia is so large that it experiences a variety of climatic conditions, from tropical monsoons to hot, dry weather and even snow.

If we aren’t ready for the economy, we’ll end up back where we were: with a shortage of workers and skilled labourers.” Immigration plays an important role in Edmonton’s ability to hold onto its skilled labourers, Abboud continues. It felt like there were lots of glass ceilings; it was hard to know how to get to places and bridge out.

“Even though there are not enough jobs in specific industries, there are still jobs in Edmonton, and immigrants are willing to work different jobs. They want to help the communities they’ve been welcomed into, they want to earn wages, and they bring new insights, skills, and wisdom into the work force as a result.” Sponsored by her husband, Abboud immigrated to Canada from Lebanon when she was 17, after finishing her exams and receiving her diploma as a doctor. It made me realize that I wanted to be a change maker and make opportunities for others.

With layoffs and job shortages, most industry leaders are concerned that this recession will lead us back to the critical worker shortage of the early 2000s.

Layoffs and job losses now mean Alberta is already starting to lose its skilled labourers as they relocate to find work elsewhere, and that means Alberta might not have the work force it needs to meet the demands of a booming economy when things start to pick up again, and that will push it right back into another recession.

Australia is one of the world's most multicultural countries, a nation rich in Indigenous and immigrant cultures and this makes Australian men friendly, open, and ruggedly independent.