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• Amazing and memorable pictures You will definitely bring back a bunch of photos taken at the North Pole.You would enjoy showing them to your friends and family since they most likely know no one who would dare to embark on such an adventure.

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It may also be more efficient than driving your car since you don't have to stop for gas, and trains typically travel at a faster speed with no traffic.Planning such an adventure possesses many advantages: • The trip is safe Since you are going to join the professional trained crew of a working icebreaker that helps in scientific expeditions, you can rest assured that you will return safe and sound.• A professional guide is always by your side No one is going to leave you on your own.I ought to get off my butt and learn the html/cgi/perl whatever to do them myself, but there is a certain aesthetic to letting other people do the work for me. At various traditional gift giving celebrations people keep asking me what I want.If you have pointers to any good ones, or the source, please send them to me. pictures of my shoulder surgery Here are some online dating hints. Contact info: click here The legend that "everyone knows Larry" continues to grow.How many people do you know who have done something astonishing and unexpected of them? So get your strength together and throw the most amazing birthday party at the North Pole.

Join the club of the chosen ones who will always be the life and soul of any party with a plethora of fascinating stories to tell about their Arctic adventure.

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Then there were parties held by your friends, and most likely they did not differ much.

Now it is high time you thought about something exciting and extraordinary for a birthday party.

Remember to inform everyone about the necessity of warm clothes, mittens, durable shoes, etc.