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(Lone guests stayed out later with friends, or went to join the ruckus.) Imagine your landlord or neighbors have no idea what Airbnb does or how it works–then imagine they find your listing. My landlord thought I was running an actual bed-and-breakfast business, and suspected I was making far more money than I actually was. (Check out the sidebar to see my actual profit and loss by the numbers.) 13: Number of months I rented rooms of my apartment on Airbnb 2: Number of rooms I rented (out of three) 12,683: number of people saw my listing 50: number of reservations $19,512: total revenue $37,700: rent paid on my apartment during the same 13-month period $3,000: approximate cost of utilities during that time 34: number of positive reviews 2: number of negative reviews 9: number of countries my guests hailed from $380: average price of reservation (about 7 nights, depending on season) $65: average nightly price $1,000: per room, the going rate for roommates back when I used craigslist $2,000: approximate revenue Airbnb got from my business My landlord never contacted me before I was served with a restraining order.

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My order had language in it that sought to kick out anyone staying with me, effective immediately.In retrospect, I probably also succeeded in convincing my landlord he had undervalued my place by a huge margin, which I was now apparently taking.In growing cities like Brooklyn, prudent landlords like to turn over tenants every couple of years so they can raise rent. When you get served, the papers will be legible and the ideas comprehensible.You want to pick an activity that will allow you to get to know each other better and see if there is a romantic chemistry.There are inherent risks to meeting someone online.Given that Airbnb announced today that it had surpassed 10 million bookings, I’m hardly alone in my thinking.

Nevertheless, here’s what I learned from being pushed out of my apartment for being an Airbnb host.

Other tentants in my building were pushed out for Airbnb hosting before I was, but I didn’t find out until it was too late.

Still, that’s the least of the reasons to go to Airbnb meetups; attending them can teach you invaluable lessons about your own hospitality skills.

In his legal action, my landlord complained about the sundry “security risks” my guests posed to other tenants.

I never learned how my landlord found my Airbnb listing, but the frequency of luggage-wielding European tourists getting lost in the halls was probably a tip-off that something was afoot.

In the blogosphere, news of my eviction has been greatly exaggerated.