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Of course, we want to be moved by something, as well." Finding the work is a crucial part of the job, and Hanna said she is particularly interested in what's happening locally.

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"I would not want to use the term required reading," added Murphy, who served as artistic director of Seattle's performing arts center, On the Boards, from 1984 to 2001, "but in a way, that's partly what it is -- who is doing something fresh and important that people need to be aware of -- in order to be up to speed in the art forms." Murphy also wants artists to have something unique and important to say.Indeed, the town has come a long way from Woody Allen's L.A.-phobic, "Annie Hall" days, when his alter ego, Alvy Singer, declared in the 1977 film, "I don't want to live in a city where the only cultural advantage is that you can make a right turn on a red light." Aesthetically -- and metaphorically -- speaking, those red lights have seemingly turned very green, with more happening in the performing, visual and literary arts in this burg than ever before.If a position is listed on this site, it is currently available. We apologize for any inconvenience as we improve our system.Due to maintenance, the online job application system may be unavailable on Wednesdays between 10 p.m. A COMPLETED ONLINE CAL STATE LA EMPLOYMENT APPLICATION IS REQUIRED."That doesn't have to be in a narrative form, but could be in a non-spoken way -- about the art or about our changing society and the human condition," he continued.

"Part of that is making sure that the program over all reflects voices from different parts of the world and different cultural influences." Soft-spoken, the perpetually upbeat Murphy said that this is especially important in L. "For a long time people thought of us as the back door entrance for the United States, with New York the front door, whereas I think the cultural influences from Latin America and the Pacific rim are so important that I consider us to be the front door -- after a little remodeling.

Upon request, reasonable accommodation will be provided to individuals with protected disabilities to (a) complete the employment process and (b) perform essential job functions when this does not cause an undue hardship.

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Hanna, 44, was born in Ithaca, New York, and came to L. in 1996, where she has worked as an actor, director, choreographer and producer.

The Bootleg, an inclusive art space for original, boundary-defying live theater, music, and dance performances, was born from the diverse cultural and artistic landscape of L. The Bootleg is primarily known for its co-productions with other companies.

Her astonishingly prolific career also includes founding the Portland Institute of Contemporary Arts (PICA), and its TBA (Time Based Art) Festival in Oregon in 1995, as well as heading Australia's Melbourne Festival and New York's Park Avenue Armory.