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The program is open to any inmate, but specifically geared toward those with alcohol addictions whose lives have become powerless due to alcoholism.

New Directions is a reentry program to help inmates with the barriers they may be facing once released.The program takes approximately 6 months to complete, but there is no set time frame, as the inmate must complete each of her steps.This program is geared towards Inmates with repeated and severe behavioral issues.The Friends of the Library promote literacy and assist Inmates with literacy problems with tasks such as writing letters and reading books.They are also a service club who raise money to purchase books for the Inmate Library and donate to the Inmate re-entry fund.The program uses Nationally recognized models for the population including components such as psycho-education about chemical dependency, 12 step model to manage chemical dependency, relapse prevention strategies, cognitive strategies to correct criminal thinking and aftercare programming.

Pathfinders is a cognitive therapy and educational program.

The Camp K-9 Dog Program places homeless shelter dogs with carefully selected inmate handlers/trainers to be trained in obedience and socialization.

This is an intensive program and upon graduation these dogs are highly adoptable and possess several obedience skills.

It helps the fathers who will be release to continue their growth as dads when they are on the outside.

This program is to help incarcerated fathers to become better fathers.

This is an intensive program that is housed in the Minimum Security Unit.