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Jeremy lin on dating

The man behind Linsanity, Jeremy Lin has been infamously single for quite some time now.Although his name has been linked to some low profile girls in the past, the 27-year-old Point Guard has methodically remained a bachelor throughout his stint in the NBA.

“He’s not much of a guy to cook things, so his roommates helped out and put a pretty nice meal together by the time it was all done.”Jeremy Lin squashed the wife/girlfriend rumors when he also told audiences during the All-Access Event that the only constant woman in his life is his mother, who usually jokes around with him about the issue.Practices the fine art of ranting and voice acting on occasion.NBA player Jeremy Lin of Los Angeles Lakers attends a promotional event as part of his Asia tour in Taipei, Taiwan, June 29, 2015.A rep for Kardashian, 31, also previously denied the rumors that she targeted the point guard."Absolutely 100 percent not true," her rep told am New York. " Despite his ability to notch a double-double out of nowhere on the court, Lin's former Harvard teammates dished to GQ that he may be a bit of a dud when it comes to being a boyfriend.He details he’s not the kind of guy who would date a Kardashian.

Read More: Jeremy Lin News: Why Getting Paid Less To Stay With Hornets Is NOT A Good Ide Is the #7 player seeing anyone who could potentially become Jeremy Lin wife material? An openly devout Christian who is known in the business to be caring, funny, and sweet, his love life isn’t exactly the most exciting one since he hasn’t admitted to seeing any lucky ladies for a long time.

This is quite a feat considering his athleticism and popularity.

The sports world often sees big-time athletes dating big celebrities.

Lin continued to joke about not having a girlfriend after Young's famed rapper girlfriend Iggy Azalea purchased a car for him."I don't have a girlfriend ready to buy me a car for Christmas.

I'm behind on that," Lin said at the event, according to the blog "Inside The Lakers." "Nick has a different car every day of the week.

Still, that has not stopped the NBA free agent from joking with his former Lakers teammate Nick Young about dating.