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James franco dating ahna o reilly

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“Ohhh,” he says throwing his head back, “incredibly.A million times more.” As a director himself now, he avoids casting opinionated young men.

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When I arrive at our “one-on-one” interview, in a subterranean room of a hotel in Pasadena, California, there are half a dozen people present, at least three of them lined up against a wall opposite Franco with their camcorders pointing at him. Feeling like I am in some typically weird Franco experiment, I ask what they are doing. He gives them a nod and they snap shut their camcorders.I overstepped my bounds, I tried to control things that were out of my purview as an actor and in some cases even tried to direct my scenes because I felt I knew how they should run rather than trust the director.” The only way he could stop this behaviour, he says, was by finding other outlets: “On the outside it seemed like I had a good life. Part of that was because of my on-set behaviour: making movies started to be very unpleasant both for me and the people I worked with.So I went back to school and it opened up all these other outlets.” Is he happier now?“I’m not mad at you,” he replies, scrutinising me through half-closed eyes as he tilts back on his chair.“This is just not the most exciting thing for me [he means our interview] so it helps me to know that someone else is getting something out of it.” He thinks for a moment. We’ll leave them out.” His assistant asks if he would like another cappuccino. For the first couple of minutes he is withdrawn, then he rallies and throws himself into the interview, if not exactly with enthusiasm, then at least with professionalism.During the earlier press conference, a male journalist asks Franco whether he would ever get married. But I don’t know.” Franco, who broke up with his long-term girlfriend actress Ahna O’Reilly in 2011 (but has cast her in his forthcoming movie, As I Lay Dying, an ambitious adaptation of the William Faulkner novel), tells me later: “One of the things that’s discussed often is my sexuality and by calling the [Berlin art] show Gay Town, it’s just addressing the fact that these are self-portraits of the public version of myself.

Franco looks at him as though he doesn’t even understand the word. “Errr, yeah, I mean I have a great family, we were raised very well, I love children, I teach now, my students are older but I love that kind of relationship – passing on experience or knowledge, I find that very satisfying.” There is a pregnant pause – everyone is waiting for more. I really don’t care: that discussion about my sexuality doesn’t interest me or concern me in the slightest but it is a big part of my public persona.” He is very taken with this theme of the public persona, suggesting perhaps that there is something very different beneath it all. What is not in dispute is his extraordinary work ethic.

“I don’t cast somebody that I think is like my younger self,” he laughs.

Franco took four master’s degrees concurrently, published half a dozen books and worked as an artist, exhibiting in museums and galleries.

He wrote and directed many conceptual-art features and short films as well as advertisements and a music video.

In 2008 he became the new face of the Gucci men’s fragrance line. This last question is the first one most people ask.

But he is now almost as well known for his extraordinary attempts to unshackle himself from a regular Hollywood career.