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Speaking with Azeris, who make up roughly a third of the population and speak a dialect very close to my native Turkish, I also had the chance to see beyond the English-speaking intelligentsia and upper middle classes of North Tehran.The message was the same: frustration in the face of unemployment, despair over a tightly controlled public space that makes it next to impossible to socialise and interact freely with members of the opposite sex and, inevitably, anger at the regime, which has now taken away even the institution of moderately free and fair elections.

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Through dependency, the state can easily manipulate and bend the people to its will. By separating people from source of trust and companionship, you can weaken their resolve, demoralize them, and prevent them from coming together. The question going forward with Iran is, who are we supporting?On the eve of the Obama administration’s deal to pour $150 billion into the coffers of soon-to-be nuclear Iran, we should consider carefully the character of the government with which they have struck a bargain. Many shrug hearing about how Sharia law in Iran oppresses and meddles in people’s daily lives, spawning pathologies.Iran has a government that mostly preaches death—death to Israel, death to America, death and more death. So no one should be surprised at the major protests the deal has sparked, including the one headlined by Donald Trump and Sen. Homosexuality in Iran is punishable by execution, but that doesn’t faze many either.The ubiquity of beheadings and other horrific violence seems to have had a dangerous anesthetizing effect on all of us.So perhaps some Americans would better understand the sociopathic nature of the regime we’re promoting by getting a glimpse into its attitude on dogs. Take a look at this video from the Iranian town of Shiraz, which seems to have outsourced animal “control” to those who have a special loathing for helpless stray dogs. So while we admire the bravery, we shouldn’t be sanguine about the future of any protest movement in an authoritarian theocracy.The green resistance may be facing the threat of severe reprisal, but it is far from defeated.

Visiting Tehran and the provincial cities of Esfahan and Qom recently, I was struck by the lack of fear among the young men and women I spoke to, who would openly express their dismay at the election rigging and openly condemn Ahmadinejad’s policies.

On top of the oil-rent, which is siphoned off to religious leaders and entrepreneurs sympathetic to the government, a substantial part of the productive sector is not only controlled but also managed by the Revolutionary Guards.

State subsidies keep alive an almost medieval manufacturing sector which, while it has long ceased to be viable, still provides the bulk of the everyday goods for general consumption.

For Americans tuned out to foreign affairs, it’s hard to grasp the inanity of the rhetoric promising Iranian “cooperation” with United Nations inspectors of their nuclear weapons program.

This apparently includes the curious case of Barack Obama.

As long as the official ideology is not questioned, and appearances are kept up, alcohol and drug consumption, house parties and underground rock bands are tolerated.