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Intimidating rage dd 3 5

Foggy helps foil the Organizer's plans, and Debbie is taken to jail.

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For the first couple years of Daredevil, Foggy's appearance greatly varied from issue to issue, though he was most commonly drawn as a trim, handsome, and neatly groomed young man.Shortly after, Debbie Harris's jail term expires, and she immediately gets in touch with Foggy.Foggy and Daredevil investigate, each on his own side.Foggy is Matt Murdock's roommate while they study at Columbia Law School.Matt protects Foggy against bullies and helps him study.Foggy, unaware of his partner's double life as a superhero, is suspicious about Matt's sudden and unexplained absences, and his frequent bruises.

To avoid those suspicions, Murdock resorts to creating his "twin brother" Mike Murdock (Matt himself in disguise), To Foggy's dismay, Karen becomes as enamored of Mike Murdock as she is of his "brother" Matt.

To further his frustration with Matt, despite Foggy's repeated protests that his preference is for corporate law, his partner favors taking on costumed supervillains as clients, occasionally even leaving Foggy no choice but to represent the supervillain at trial.

Nelson is again approached to be a candidate for district attorney, this time without hidden agendas: he's really fond of the idea of being able to do something to fight crime actively, and sets himself to work with enthusiasm.

Foggy is made a prisoner by the Exterminator and Daredevil comes to the rescue.

A fight ensues and there's an explosion, after which Foggy finds some rags of the DD uniform: it is then assumed that "Mike Murdock" has died.

Foggy soon realizes that Karen is in love with Matt, and sees him as only a friend, dealing a heavy wound to his ego.