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I hate internet dating sites

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Are you displaying you childlike nature or your dismemberment skills . Rearview Mirror – Seriously, I can appreciate the fact that you’ve traveled all over the world. I’m sure you get a lot of action which is why you’re on a dating site.But if I wanted to see picturesque Greece or Athens I’d either go or google a picture. Black Girls – Why some people think it’s a compliment to tell me (a black woman) the merits of a black woman I do not know. invested in dating the same way you’ve invested in your business interests you’d probably be married by now.

Common sense dictates is the short, portly balding one trying to be slick. Weirdo – Dear Carrot Top, can you please explain to me why I should be turned on by you carving a pumpkin with a very sharp knife.The fact that I can’t make out your face or any facial features is annoying. But when you lead with, “I like dating Black women because” you appear very Jaime Kennedy-esque ala Malibu’s Most Wanted. Alright, I’ll admit it: I went back to the online dating of them rock climbing, sailing, snow boarding, walking on the great Wall of China, kissing fishes in Thailand and fuckn' sky diving! who tried the whole online dating thing, but they wouldn't accept her on the website because she wasn't pretty enough. Another story: A girl looked at my profile when I tried one.She asked me to post a photo of myself, and as soon as I did, she didn't speak to...Plus I already paid for a three month subscription and I can’t get a refund. HOWEVER, if all I have to go off is looks then suffice it to say you MUST be easy on the eyes. I mean you can, but I will probably opt to not even read your profile.

And since this is supposed to be fun and informative (more so for my readers than me at this time) I am going to stay the course sharing the joys (0) with the pains (10) along the way. Now this particular dating site connects you based on personalities. Here is a list of guys I’ve encountered on line so far… Poser – The guy who post only one picture to his profile with two men but does not identify which one he is.

However, the only difference is that I get to be disappointed daily when I receive my morning email of “Dear Mistress, Here is a list of guys that you would never date in million years but we appreciate the donation you made to our site so we’re just going to send anything your way so you don’t feel like you got hosed even though you totally did” the off chance I actually have time to leave the house and socialize. Apparently I’m not caught up on looks when I have the opportunity to get past those looks first.

Now, I’m not a quitter so I’m not giving up this easily. If you’re nice or generous or funny or smart and I’ve been in your company enough to enjoy your company I can easily find myself attracted to a “non-traditionally” attractive person.

Whether it's figuring out what’s going on in a troubling relationship, understanding you and self-care, or being more assertive, I’m here to help you guide you.

Here we are in 2013 and we have the ability to communicate 24/7 in a variety of ways with anyone on earth. If its so awesome why are we so ******* disconnected from each other? If anyone finds someone and lives a wonderful life afterwards, they better keep up promoting themselves for the companies/sites they're with. Both online and in person has its challenges and you still have to... I used to get on them, because I was just that bored.

I have been doing it for two months and I have had enough. They do not want to court a woman or make the effort to have a decent effin conversation before asking if you like sex or not. I think I have tried a dozen of dating sites, and left rapidly, cause it's always the same. No matter how deep you think you feel, it just won't work because it has never been real.