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Hulk hogan wife dating teenager

"We're in Florida initially to figure that out." Hogan, 59, told NBC's "Today" show that the tape happened during a "low point" in his failing marriage to ex-wife Linda Hogan. "I was with some friends, and I made a wrong choice. “But my buddy, you know, him and his girl say, ‘Hey, you can do our laundry any time you want! “Finally after the person I was doing laundry with for millions and millions of years left, and all of a sudden there was nobody there to do laundry, I was depressed…And now all of a sudden it surfaces, you know over six years later, and it's just appalling." He said the scandal has "rattled" his new wife Jennifer Mc Daniel, whom he married in 2010. I go to my buddy’s house and he says, ‘Hey man you can do this other person’s laundry that I’m partners with.’ I said, 'Sure.’” He said they were all "close friends." "There was ongoing dialogue for over two years about this, and I said, ‘Honestly just give me a break. You’re joking.’ It was almost to a point of being funny,” Hulk explained.

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Over the years, we have followed the dramatic lives of various wrestlers and the star in question today is no exception.The wrestling star tried to explain the kinky love triangle to Howard Stern Tuesday using a thinly veiled euphemism. “And then when I bottomed out, when my whole personal life …“Let’s say I’ve been doing laundry, brother, for this person forever, and all of a sudden this person hates the way I do laundry. I was in a bad situation.” He said his marriage to Linda was “really screwed up bad," and that he suffered “mental abuse.” "Linda Hogan never abused Hulk Hogan - verbally, mentally or otherwise," her lawyer told The News Tuesday.She was born Brooke Ellen Bollea on May 5, 1988 and she is well rounded as she is a reality television star, actress, singer, and media personality.Brooke got an early start on her music career and that opportunity translated into many more opportunities down the line.In the part that had to do with Brooke, he described himself as her ideal husband and added that he would bring ‘Hulkamania’ on anyone who married his daughter.

That is not an ideal way for a father to talk about his daughter, not at all, nevertheless, she responded by writing a poem in which she defended him.

The show was called Hogan Knows Best and it aired for 2005-2007.

, when that venture was over she tried her hands on a little acting.

showed Hogan sleeping with one of his best friend’s wives and after the tape surfaced, one of Brooke’s friend stepped forward with some shocking news of her own.

She admitted that she was also involved in an affair with the wrestler. Amidst the divorce battles with his ex wife, Hulk found solace in the arms of another and her name is Jennifer Mc Daniels.

See also: Nicki Minaj Feet, Shoe Size and Shoe Collection Hulk has not only had one wife before, but he’s currently unto wife number two.