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Google sync blackberry calendar not updating

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Now that all the content you create or edit on Android is saved to Google’s servers, you just need to sync it back with your i Pad or i Phone in a way that also allows you to make changes from i OS.

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That’s what I will explore in the first part of this series.In an always-connected world, it’s relevant for the two devices to communicate with each other and share data.Most importantly, having your emails, contacts and calendars synchronize from one device to the other is essential.These would be set up using either the respective applications for each service, or by setting up Exchange synchronization through your company.On any Android device, you are recognized as a Google user and have the ability to automatically synchronize your calendars, contacts and emails.I personally use the Gmail app and have deactivated Mail sync in i OS, so that my emails are in the GMail app and the rest is synced natively through i OS.

Alternatively, you may want to use your i Pad/i Phone’s native synchronization service, which is a perfectly fine solution.

This is also done through “Mail, Contacts, Calendars,” and remember you’ll have to do it twice, as we set up two different accounts.

Another alternative would be to use the official GMail app in i OS, which will synchronize your email, but not your contacts and calendars.

Sky Drive can still make sense if you use the online version of the tool, as it gives you free access to Word, Excel, Power Point and One Note in your browser, with automatic sync back to the cloud, for you to view your documents on your i Phone/i Pad and Android device. Instead, we will place our focus on synchronizing your emails, contacts and calendar — i.e.

Price: Free Google Play Link: Sky Drive i Tunes App Store Link: Skydrive Developer: Microsoft Corporation Synchronizing personal information once required plenty of cables and a computer, which backed-up the data from one device and restored it to another. your PIM — through the cloud, so that everything can be shared wirelessly, instantly and seamlessly.

i Cloud is compatible with standard protocols, and some may even prefer it over GMail because it syncs seamlessly with all Apple devices including Macs, and also takes some of your data away from Google — who said Big Brother?