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In 1979, Lynne followed up the success of Out of the Blue with Discovery, which held No. The album is primarily associated with its two disco-flavoured singles ("Shine a Little Love" and "Last Train to London") and with the title's word play on "disco" and "very". I’ve always liked that simplicity in the bass drum.

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Despite recording two critically acclaimed albums with the band and producing the second, success eluded him.Kelly Groucutt's distinctive voice mixed with Lynne's to produce the classic ELO harmonic vocal sound.The pinnacle of ELO's chart success and worldwide popularity was the expansive 1977 double album Out of the Blue, which was largely conceived in a Swiss chalet during a two-week writing marathon.At the end of 1964, Lynne decided to leave the band to replace Mick Adkins of the local band "the Chads".In 1966, Lynne joined the line-up of the Nightriders as guitarist.Although that practice has now become commonplace, it caused considerable derision in the press of the time.

Lynne has often stated that he prefers the creative environment of the studio to the rigours and tedium of touring.

In the absence of any touring to support Discovery, Lynne had time to contribute five tracks to the soundtrack for the 1980 film musical Xanadu.

The score yielded three Top 40 singles: "I'm Alive" (UK No. 11), and the title track "Xanadu", which reached number one in the UK.

Lynne subsequently disavowed his limited contribution to the project, although he later re-recorded the title song (with his lead vocal) for the 2000 box set Flashback.

In 2007, the film was loosely adapted into a successful Broadway musical, incorporating almost all of the songs from the original film, and also using two other ELO hits: "Strange Magic" and "Evil Woman".

Jeffrey Lynne (born 30 December 1947) is an English songwriter, composer, arranger, singer, multi-instrumentalist, and record producer from Birmingham who co-founded the rock band Electric Light Orchestra (ELO).