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One prank caller even convinced fast food managers to sexually assault his employees while he listened. It's fun to exploit the stupidity of humans, but you should stick to making them do things that are hilarious, rather than things that are harmful or destructive and things that will get you arrested. Your prank call victims will often overreact and call the police even if you're doing your best by not making threats and not involving the police.When you think this is a possibility with your victim, maybe it's time to let them know that they've been pranked. It's easy to trick people out of their personal information, but you should be careful when doing this because once the victim finds out that you're not who you say you are, they might assume that you're an identity thief.

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So as hilarious as you think it will be, don't send the police or fire department to your victim's house and don't make silly prank calls to 911 or local police stations. You're not being original at all when you pretend that you want to kill yourself to a hotline worker. Check out this article where Carlito from Madhouse Radio was arrested for prank calling an anger management hotline.Even if you live in a small town that never has any crime, you still shouldn't bother the police with your prank calls. Don't call Wal-Mart and attempt to convince employees of a Code Red or a Code Blue.Trust me, there are plenty of ways to have fun with prank calls that don't involve the police. Because making threats, even when you don't mean it, is a crime. (Those are Wal-Mart's internal codes for bombs and fires and people have done that many times.) Threats are bad and can result in your arrest. You can't pretend to be a police officer or an FBI agent over the phone. Come on, do you really want to tie up the lines at a place that tries to keep people from killing themselves?While this is the most primitive method of keeping yourself anonymous, it's still an effective way of hiding your number if you're making a single, harmless prank call to someone.*67 will not protect you if the police become involved.If you prank locally, especially from your own phone line, you are approximately a billion times more likely to have the police show up at your house. Don't keep calling the same guy over and over and over, no matter how much he makes you laugh when he screams at you.

When you keep calling the same person repeatedly, you're suddenly harassing your victim instead of making a simple funny prank phone call to them.

Try to keep it to a single prank phone call, maybe two, and then stop forever and move on to someone else.

This will help keep the police completely uninterested in you.

Members of Prank Net are also known for doing serious jail time for calls like these.

Other prank callers have succeeded in making store employees cut wires on their computers with scissors or destroy items around them.

One of the most important aspects of prank phone calls is keeping yourself somewhat anonymous.