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I was sure nobody could hear me, so I thrust my legs together (in a inverted-'V' arc) and began winding tape around my ankles, figuring I'd only use two layers per area.Whilst tying my legs, the tape kept splitting into small sections, which was annoying as it wasted tape.

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I loved the fact we were being kidnapped and loved the fact we were tied up in the van.So sorry to hear about Gillian B's very untimely passing. My mum and her new boyfriend had just left the house, and my brother was upstairs listening to music.I never met her, but I was a great admirer of her work,and if you haven't read any of her stories I urge you to check out the archives here and the web site Restrained Tastes. Our last roll of wide masking tape had just run out, and I knew there was another one in the garage.Put him in the van." I was put into the open rear doors of the van and to my surprise saw Stan aka "Batman" already tied up ,on the floor of the carpeted van , hand and foot and he was gagged with wide white tape.His eyes went wide behind his masked cowl as he saw me being laid down on my side beside him.I kept the gag on (I'm what some people would call a 'gagsnob') for the simple feel and thrill of being gagged.

Sincerely, what makes you so sure about what you stated about Boywonder's aunt? What might demonstrate/imply that BW's aunt has further intentions beyond playing a game when she plays with her nephew?

I tried to see where I was being taken as I was carried out of the van.

I could see my aunt standing at the open rear metal door of the pottery studio smiling.

This was quite hard, as I tried numerous times to anchor the tape to my right wrist and swing it around both.

It failed miserably, with me only able to get about two layers on my wrists. I struggled around for about five minutes before I forcibly ripped the bonds loose and untied myself, dumping the large ball of tape in the bin.

I recognized it as the Pottery Shop where I had been brought once before by my aunt and her friend Cathy and got very excited (I had posted my adventures of being taken to the studio on a previous posting) My mind flashed to the conveyor belt and hoped they planned on tying us up on it.