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David sutcliffe dating

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So as you might expect, fans were furious in the sixth season when Luke (Scott Patterson) discovered he had a long-lost daughter, a 12-year-old named April (Vanessa Marano).Her arrival drove such a wedge between him and Lorelai (Lauren Graham) that April is considered by many the most-hated plot device in “Gilmore Girls” history.

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[How to explain why you’re ignoring your family to watch ‘Gilmore Girls’ on Thanksgiving weekend] However, after two thwarted attempts to start her “Wild” adventure, Lorelai has an epiphany and realizes what she’s wanted all along.[The ‘Gilmore Girls’ final four words: Did you hate or love them?] After all of the April drama, Lorelai wound up sleeping with her ex, Christopher (David Sutcliffe), in the sixth season finale.The person who really seems to take issue with this living arrangement is Lorelai’s mother, Emily (Kelly Bishop), who calls them “roommates” and doesn’t believe they’re really serious about each other.While that may be wishful thinking because she’s never thought Luke – a owner – was good enough for her daughter, Lorelai insists they’re in a real, solid relationship, but in no rush to get married.These actors and actresses are so talented and charismatic that it kind of bums me out. Her IMDB says she has two movies in post-production, and I’m still holding out hope that we’ll see Rory Gilmore in something big again soon. I’m not sure what Kelly is working on at the moment, but hopefully something great. He even starred in Fergie’s music video for “Big Girls Don’t Cry.” Milo dated Alexis Bledel for a little after the show, then dated Okay, before we get into this, I have a question: WHERE ARE LIZA’S ARMS IN THAT PHOTO? Teal was on It doesn’t look like Wayne has been doing a ton of television and movie acting since GG. Michel Gerad AKA Yanic Truesdale Yanic didn’t do much in America after GG. He’s also been writing, producing, and directing some small things.

So, I decided to look into what they’ve been up to… I mean, I know she has them, and in other pictures from the same event, it looks like they did in fact make it out that night, so… Moving on: Liza is currently starring on the show now, which is still in pre-production. He does have a role in Chaplin: The Musical, so it appears he has turned to Broadway. In 2011, he moved back to Montreal, where he opened a spin studio in true Michel style.

[‘Gilmore Girls’ revival: How the show resolved Rory’s love life and career] That doesn’t stop them from thinking about the future. (Somehow, they have apparently managed to avoid all serious discussions about this, even though they’re both in their late 40s.) They go to their old pal Paris Gellar’s (Liza Weil) fertility clinic, where Luke is genuinely confused about the surrogate process, and thinks he’ll have to sleep with random women.

Even though Lorelai clears that misunderstanding up, Luke insists he’s happy without children.

and obviously, I wanted to share that with all of you, since I know you’re into as well.

You should already know what Lorelai, Suki, and Dean have been doing, but what about Luke?

She travels back to Stars Hollow (but not before ditching her gigantic travel backpack, because did anyone really think she would actually hike?