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Dating romance in tl

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Realizing the lack of love and romance in his past life, he sets out to conquer the hearts of various women.The story had a decent start and caught my attention but my interests dropped off really fast. I thought this novel was more about him and his true love from the synopsis but I was wrong after reading to chapter 44.

He died a virgin, so all those years gone 'unfulfilled', mentally brought upon a raging libido when he came back.Remember that this is only a fiction (the author remind the readers) although there are no flying swords.Throughout the story we understand more about this "rebirth".The MC constantly want to bang every hot chicks he see even after he started dating his true love.Second, I was also very disappointed by how the author try to incorporate the MC technology knowledge into the novel.It's funny I just finished reading this the other day and now it's got a TL, I'm not sure why the actual title is listed as an alternative name and it's being called a prequel but to each their own, It's an urban harem with a MC similar to how you wished the TDG MC would be, he uses his past knowledge in ways even the author has to say would be impossible, (which he does right around the time the MC is doing the stuff dragonsaber seemed salty about Oh for Christ's sake.

If you don't wanna read harem types then don't read something with the harem type tag plastered on it in the first place... It's the same type as My Beautiful Teacher, the type you read without feeling burdened, the type you should read without constantly analyzing why the author gave the MC a harem (BECAUSE HAREM ROCKS DAMNIT), the type that just makes you laugh conspicuously in the bus, the type that will make you so addicted that you'll F5 the release My first review! First I would like to say that the associated name "Rebirth to chase beauty" fits this novel better.

Lo and behold, she says that had he confessed to her beforehand, she would have happily and readily married him.

Insert magical plot, and he gets sent back in time for a do over.

Some other posts say the main heroine simply does not care about MC chasing other girls, but that isn't exactly true. SHE WILL BE THE ONE by: Jet Li Just like in Campione the main heroine actively rolls MC and other heroines around the palm of her hand and, although she acts quite open minded, she occasionally shows her claws to tell MC exactly who's The Boss. Edit: The story get ridiculous fast later beyond chapter 50.

Just like Erica from Campione rather than being The-Only-One she adamant about being no. She fell for him quite fast but reasons for it got explained somewhere after ch 50. I will add 5 more stars if the translator release at least one chapter everyday. The heroine didn't mind one bit when his boyfriend fooling around with various women, and creating harem here and there.

It is mostly about him doing just that (probably because the love of his life got married in his past life before he could confess, he is much more proactive in this one).