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Dating old cars

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The classification criteria vary, but consensus within any country is often maintained by major car clubs.

In fact, automobile production at the end of this period was not matched again until the 1950s.From 1919 to 1929, many dramatic changes took place.General Motors went into a financial crisis that lasted until after Alfred Sloan became president in 1923.DOT R5HG FHR 404 would indicate a tire manufactured in the 40th week of 1994 (or 1984, or '74).If you find your "new" tires are more than two years old, feel free to request a newer manufacture date or a discount from the salesman. In case you were curious about other elements of the code, "DOT" means the tire has passed the Department of Transportation's testing requirements.As a precaution, the Department of Transportation recommends changing even new-looking tires once they hit 10 years old, and many manufacturers recommend swapping them out at six years old.

Of course, this aging is highly dependent on where the tires live.

Hudson produced the Essex in 1919 that, by 1925, had propelled the company to third in total sales behind Ford and Chevrolet.

Ford was in the process of building a new plant, buying back stock, and began an 18-month process of tooling-up to replace the Model T with the Model A in 1927. Chrysler, formerly of General Motors, was brought in to reorganize it and, in 1925, the Chrysler Corporation was formed.

The next two digits are the tire plant code, followed by a two-digit tire size code, and then a four-digit manufacture's code.

Now your neighbors will look at you funny when they catch you staring at your tires.

Everybody knows to replace tires when the tread gets down to the wear bar, but what about when they get too old?