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Dating offenbach

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The newest suburb is Mathildenviertel in the center near to the Main river.A year later it was given to the Grand Duchy of Hesse-Darmstadt.

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With the coming into power of the count Johann Philipp in 1685, the city began to develop and the population rose steadily.Restaurant Paul's will spoil you with light, international cuisine and select wines. This ACHAT offers easy access to the A661 motorway and is within walking distance of city and national railway stations.Frankfurt's airport, exhibition grounds and shopping streets can be reached in approximately 15 minutes.More than half of the city's population have a non-German background, with Turks, former Yugoslavs, Arabs, Italians, Greeks and Poles as major groups.In the south are the newer suburbs Lauterborn and Rosenhöhe, Tempelsee, the office town Kaiserlei and the industrial area Waldheim.During the Middle Ages Offenbach passed through many hands.

Only in 1486 could the Count Ludwig of Isenburg finally take control of city for his family, and 1556 Count Reinhard of Isenburg relocated his Residence to Offenbach, building a palace, the Isenburger Schloß (Isenburg Palace), which was completed in 1559.

The inner town of Offenbach is quite large and has only a few suburbs.

In the east the three incorporated: Bürgel (incorporated 1908), Bieber (incorporated April 1, 1938), and Rumpenheim (incorporated April 4, 1942).

In the 20th century the city's economy was dominated by the machine-building and leather industries, and it was also a major centre of the typography and design industries.

Other important industries are the automobile and pharmaceutical industries.

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