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Dating a pornstar

Last year around this time a patient of mine told me a story which has stuck in my mind and which she said I can tell again in this blog. Patrick’s day with a friend she had not seen for some time. But there was something about him that was bothering her.Her friend was all excited about a new guy she was dating. Now, either my patient was lying to me—which I don’t believe, since she never has lied to me –or she is the world’s best guesser.

If such a couple came into my office years later saying they were happily married, I would not be a bit surprised.If I had been in her place, I probably would have come up with any one of the usual problems: he was married, he had AIDS, he drank too much, he had spent the better part of the previous year in a mental hospital, he had a couple of illegitimate children, or, maybe even, he was a transsexual.Any of these would have been an impediment to developing a long-term relationship.After serving as Associate Director for 21 years, Dr. Educated at Princeton University and the NYU College of Medicine, Dr.Neuman specializes in the treatment of anxiety disorders.There is a second reason I hesitate to condemn any particular romantic affair. Over the years I have, naturally, known of relationships that seemed to me to be doomed.

I remember a very young couple who had met in a mental hospital.

Both my patient and his inamorata were intermittently acutely psychotic; yet they were determined to marry.

I thought neither one of them would be able to sustain a successful marriage to anyone let alone to someone who had similar severe problems. They did get married, and they both helped each other to manage their illnesses and life in general. He grew to love her children as his own; and, as far as I could discover, they lived happily forever after.

The wife was a British Lord, (his) husband was his chauffeur, a Black man who was evidently uneducated and of foreign extraction.

I made a list of their incompatibilities: Fred Neuman, M. is the Director of the Anxiety and Phobia Treatment Center.

I remember a man who married a woman with six children. It seemed imprudent to marry under those circumstances, at least at that particular time; but they got married anyway. Many men and women regard certain specific circumstances as dating deal-breakers.