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Cosmic cupid dating

But eclipses in your sign can be disorienting too, so enjoy a full moon this October 15 that lets you shine without blowing any fuses! Cupid’s golden-tipped arrows are pointed directly at your heart in 2016—a year to let love rule.Until September 9, supersizer Jupiter floats through Virgo and your fifth house of passion, glamour, creativity and fertility. Strike now while the ethically mined diamonds are hot.

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A series of eclipses galvanize the health and healing zones of your chart too, furthering your desire to downsize, detox and destroy the demons of addiction or unhealthy habits. In 2016, you’re learning the power of a routine, and the strength that comes from disciplined development.While progress might not happen overnight, the small steps you take ARE adding up so trust in the process.Apply for that degree program in London or even an online university’s specialized training if it will put you in a new pay grade—or on a more fulfilling path.On September 9, magnanimous Jupiter moves into Libra and your partnership zone for a year.Anyone who triggers extreme jealousy should also be crossed off the list.

The jade-eyed monster will be on your shoulder all year and you’re better off finding friends and lovers who know how to reassure you.

Long-distance relationships are possible too come September.

Not that you have to wait until then to get your love on.

These lessons come courtesy of expansive Jupiter, who is parked in Virgo and your sixth house of work and healthy living until September 9.

Freelancing Rams may file for an LLC or take a “real job” for stability’s sake.

On September 9, Jupiter moves on to Libra and your sixth house of work and healthy routines for a year.