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Chris tamburello and laurel stucky dating

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Nina in particular, the attractive mind controlling rebel, obviously has a past.

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And though the show has come to the US, the producers don’t intend to change this, which is a big step forward for American television.His first game in after their therapy session is anything but a success.) Additionally, at least one of her patients is recurring–we see him come back for more therapy and to deal with more problems.She may have helped him, but she has only just started.The question is how well a show can balance the big picture with the rest of the show.As long as the development of the characters don’t suffer, I’m game.They’ve had an argument or two and faced off in an elimination.

(Let’s be honest, how many competitors can say that this hasn’t happened to them, even to their friends?

At present, the other cast members could do with a great deal of fleshing out, but I assume that will be coming as the show continues. I have been a long time fan of the MTV Challenges, the drama, the fights, the challenges, so what could be better than taking it up a notch?

This season our returning competitors have a challenge that goes beyond simply making it to the end and winning challenges to win money.

There are also hints of something bigger and more nefarious going on. I have always been a sucker for the bigger mythology.

I find it adds another element to the story that makes it more complex and attention-grabbing.

She is a strong woman with a sharp wit who can hold her own against volatile personalities and bullies alike.