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Chat room in guadalajara mexico dating services

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Bench and Bar, an import from Oakland, Calif., is a great Latino bar with lively drag shows.

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The relative isolation of Zona Romantica as well as its elegantly faded veneer and historic charm may very well account for its ever-increasing draw among gay visitors and bohemian types.It’s a major port on the Mexican Riviera cruise-ship circuit (along with Cabo San Lucas, Mazatlan, Acapulco, and Manzanillo).Sprawling international resorts and condo developments, which have been built from the edge of downtown to many miles north of the city, attract families, retirees, and honeymooners.Use these sites to browse through profiles of some of the beautiful women in the world from Mexico, who are looking find love, marriage and family.It’s hard to name a gay resort destination in North America that has more going for it than Puerto Vallarta, a fast-growing city on the Pacific Coast’s fabled Mexican Riviera.It’s a neighborhood that celebrates its insularity and diversity – everyone is welcome, but especially during the bustling high season (from about December through April), certain blocks of Zona Romantica seem at least as gay as the downtowns of Provincetown and Palm Springs.

There are a few more general attributes that further enhance Puerto Vallarta’s standing.

The after-dinner crowd tends to congregate at one of the low-keyed lounges, such as lesbian-owned Apaches, upscale La Noche, or the tiny but fun Stereo.

Another great bet is Garbo, a jazz club and piano cabaret that’s often packed.

Hotel rates, cab rides, cocktails, fashionable clothing, and handcrafted gifts also tend to cost less than those in the Caribbean, Hawaii, or California, although it’s absolutely possible to find high-end exceptions to many of these rules.

Although it helps to understand Spanish, you can get by easily in PV speaking only English.

Although the city has become significantly more expensive as its star has risen, it’s still less costly than many other alluring tropical resorts.