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Sex & The 6ix is our new weekly Sunday dating column in collaboration with a dating expert and matchmaker.Every week watch two people get to know each other and predict if the relationship will bloom or if it looks like an epic fail.

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Connor looks for intelligence in a match and appreciates a take-charge woman.Being in marketing, I felt Jenna resembled this girl boss persona, and also rocked the cute librarian look behind her black rim glasses.Given that these two are close in age and have similar interests, did sparks fly?'Stormzy appeared on the screen while Kem, Chris and Marcel were rehearsing a rap for that night's activities.The Shut Up rapper praised the boys' musical abilities but had one bit of advice, saying: 'I'm feeling it. Later, Olivia said: 'I think he was a little bit awkward to see me.'Kem was equally impressed that Stormzy made a cameo, but playfully joked: 'Obviously Stormzy is a big name but we're also a big name.'The awkward run-in between Stormzy and Olivia comes after the rapper said in a tweet: 'Chris, you're too good for her mate.' Olivia reacted with fury, storming off and saying: ‘He’s such a loser. She lost her fucking head because I laughed at a tweet.We send two people out to a hot spot to enjoy dinner on us and see if we can make a love connection!

Shannon Tebb, entrepreneur and creator of Shanny in the City, has worked as a Matchmaker and Dating Consultant since 2010.

This week I wanted to switch it up a bit and play matchmaker with the millennials.

Jenna and Connor were our youngest applicants for the blind date and were a bit shocked when I offered them a dinner on us.

A molecular model of oxytocin and carrier protein is pictured Oxytocin is released in our bodies in various social situations and our bodies create it at high concentrations during positive social interactions such as falling in love, experiencing an orgasm or giving birth and breastfeeding.

When the researchers examined the differences between the sexes they discovered that following treatment with oxytocin, men’s ability to correctly interpret competitive relationships improved, whereas in women it was the ability to correctly identify friendship that got better.

So it was unsurprisingly awkward between Stormzy and Olivia when the rapper made a shock appearance during Thursday night's episode of Love Island.