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But after a year, the girl came down with a viral infection and then Mark did, and he never really recovered.Though he wasn't formally diagnosed, he felt certain that he'd developed chronic fatigue syndrome.

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The Magic Kingdom, he instantly discovered, represented more chaos than magic.In his public interactions, he remains reserved, and often injects self-deprecating humor. If you were desperate and hopeless enough to log on to a suicide chat room in recent years, there was a good chance a mysterious woman named Li Dao would find you, befriend you, and gently urge you to take your own life.And, she'd promise, she would join you in that final journey.But then the bodies started adding up, and the promises didn't.Turned out, Li Dao was something even more sinister than anyone thought correspondent Nadya Labi took us into the shadowy cyber-world of "Li Dao," a seemingly sweet nurse doling out advice in suicide chat rooms on how to best end one's life.

With the investigative sleuthing of a few people from all over the world, that nurse—who turned out to be a middle-aged man named William Melchert-Dinkel—was charged with assisting in two suicides.

In Eisner’s mind, Iger supposedly lacked charisma and the unrelenting drive to add magic to the Magic Kingdom.

In the succeeding years, Iger hasn’t worked much on building his charisma quotient, but he hasn’t had to.

It was founded by Pika/Pichu04289, who left the chat in favor of The Eevee Clan.

The Eevee Clan - A chat that is full of drama, even to this day. The Poke RP - Much like its predecessors, Pokemon Role Plays 100, this chat wasn't nearly as famous as its formers.

And last week, Iger was in Shanghai hyping Disney’s $5.5 billion theme park, scheduled to open next year.