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Arlington virginia married dating

I swear I could see duct tape on the door of an overhead plane once).You can get some really cool photos with the planes overhead as well. Drop the kids off at the babysitter’s house and stay in.

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This amazing place is completely free if you do it right!If you’re a huge baseball fan and would get more out of the Major League game than the Potomac Nationals, they do have dollar nights!If you take the Metro up (just a few dollars) and take the nosebleed seats, you can go to a game very cheaply.The boys usually spend $15 in craft beer and are thrilled, we pack chicken salad sandwiches, chocolate chip cookies and fruit salad. Cosmic bowling is when the lights come down and the glow in the dark features come out. Games and shoe rental can get more expensive than I like (I have mentioned I’m cheap right? Pack up a picnic, beach chairs or camp chairs and take them out to the airport. Set yourself up in the grass before sunset and pack a blanket to keep warm.We spend 2-3 hours playing monopoly, trivia, risk or even some of the lesser known geek games. 🙂 You can get the hours and special events at Heroic Aleworks here… ), but look on the website for Bowl America (who has a heavy presence in No Va), right now they have a 25 cent per game and 25 cent per hotdog promotion going on all weekend! I’m not a sports fan, I barely know anything about sports at all. They have dollar nights for every Monday night home game (click here for their website), where hotdogs and tickets are each a dollar. I was so excited about this date, I wrote a full write up on it… You can watch the planes take off well into the dark and it’s always one of my favorite places. Air and Space Museum’s Saturday Star Parties- click here for the link. While we usually avoid the Woodrow Wilson Bridge like the plague, there’s a good reason to head over there.) This is also several beautiful spots for a picnic. We love walking through and planning what our future house (you know, the house we’ll have once our babies learn not to destroy things and we have enough saved that we feel comfortable spending money on decorating) will look like. Head over to the sites for Lorton Work House Arts Center and the National Harbor to check for updated information about their free yoga days.

Both are done outside during nice weather and would be a great date! You can bring a picnic or your own snacks, you can bring the kids (this is perfect for a toddlers first movie! These are typically only available in the summer, so plan accordingly and follow the facebook page of National Harbor (found here) and Stonebridge (found here) for updates.

If you’re not really into baseball, I would stick to the P-Nats which are amazing and fun. If you have a bit to spend and want to splurge (a little! Each of you is given an envelope with the exact same amount of cash.

It can be anything from $3.00 to $50.00, hit a mall (Potomac Mills is kind of big for this! Do any of those amazing projects you would love to do on Pinterest, but take some sort of skill that you don’t have (woodworking is my Achilles heel). This is both a powerful and awe-inspiring place that will make you really appreciate one another. Besides walking through the tombstones of soldiers that gave the ultimate sacrifice to their country, you can see JFK’s tombstone and the changing of the guard ceremony at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. If you plan to head up to see the cherry blossoms, take a good camera (or at least an i Phone) and check out some of the free monuments.

You can do some of the food prep work ahead of time if it helps.

Cooking together is fun, sensual, and builds team work skills (which really, team work skills is pretty much essential to a good marriage).

Pick a ton, freeze them and you’ll be eating blueberry pancakes to commemorate your date for a while! Click here to head to Great Country Farms and then click here for a full listing of Loudon county pick your own farms. You’ll enter a real life treasure hunt where you follow the instructions that will lead you to the treasure.