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Are kim johnson and hines ward dating

Roberts ], Luke Mably [ Ward Clerk Paul Ripley ], Fraser James [ Peter Ellis ], Vince Pellegrino [ Sunny Sunderland ], Andrew Powell [ Alan Kenyon ], Fred Pearson [ Les Kenyon ], Jenny Lee [ Barbara Kenyon ], Kevin Doyle [ Simon Harwood ], Isobel Middleton [ Anne Harwood ], Beth Boyd [ Mrs. Alan's father Les finds it hard to accept that his son is being delayed again, and bursts into the operating theater during the procedure, and has to be disarmed. Reynolds ], Jan Anderson [ Nurse Chloe Hill ], Derek Thompson [ Charlie Fairhead ] In the surgical department of Holby City Hospital, surgeons Anton Meyer and Nick Jordan race against time to carry out a heart transplant operation, but first they have to make the difficult choice between two possible recipients: Alan Kenyon, Anton's initial choice who turns out to be ill; and Simon Harwood, who becomes panicky when the operation finally approaches.

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Anton Meyer tells Victoria Merrick that patient Chris Moorhouse is ogin to sue the hospital, because his voice has not recovred.Roberts to perform another operation to correct the problem, so that the bypass can go ahead the next day.When Anton is out of the hospital, he puts Nick Jordan in charge of a delicate heart operation on a patient called Harry, and has to ask Kirstie Collins to assist, even though it means her missing an exam.Nicola Fallon, the girl in a coma, reaches crisis point, and her parents face an agonising decision.Simon Harwood the heart recipient is back in, with a worsening condition, and Nick fears he is rejecting the new heart and puts him on immuno-suppressive drugs, but Anton Meyer diagnoses it as an infection and changes the medication to antibiotics.Her treatment causes conflict between Anton Meyer and Muriel Mc Kendrick, as Anton suspects Muriel is trying to justify the split in beds between cardiac and other cases.

David Cousins has come in for a long-overdue heart bypass, but Victoria Merrick spots that something is wrong and arranges at short notice for Mr.

Simon is obsessed with finding out about the heart donor.

Dennis Johnson, an elderly widower with a heart condition, is visited by his grandson Shane.

Lizzie is a motor-bike racer, recovering after an accident, and is visited by her husband Dave, but she becomes suspicious when she sees him riding off with another woman, Mel.

Joanna Kirkland [ Nicola Fallon ], Simon Molloy [ Mr. Fallon ], Kevin Doyle [ Simon Harwood ], Isobel Middleton [ Anne Harwood ], Malcolm Rogers [ Dennis Johnson ], Billy Carter [ Shane Johnson ], Daniel Roberts [ Colin ] Kirstie Collins catches Nick Jordan in a compromising situation with Ellie Sharpe in a linen cupboard.

Adrian Walker is still in the ward, worried about the flood at his business premises until his wife, Jackie, and colleague, Mark Simpson, reveal they have been having an affair.