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Apple tv podcasts not updating

With i Tunes 12.7, Apple has also now rolled i Tunes U entirely into the Podcasts section.It’s a logical change, considering that i Tunes has always treated i Tunes U Collections as simply a special type of Podcast.

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Last week Apple quietly released i Tunes 12.7 to accompany its announcement of new i Phone, Apple TV, and Apple Watch hardware and to correspond with the upcoming release of i OS 11 and mac OS High Sierra.Unfortunately, this will only allow you to preserve any apps that were already stored in your library before updating to i Tunes 12.7.Once you’ve updated, new apps that you purchase will not be downloaded into i Tunes, nor will i Tunes sync apps from your i Phone, i Pad, or i Pod touch back to your computer.However, Apple has also taken a significantly more focused approach with Apple Music, leaving the idea of timelines, likes, and comments to Facebook and Twitter; the social features in Apple Music are simply about seeing what your friends are listening to.In fact, the new social features in Apple Music are mostly invisible by default.Although this latest version is still a relatively minor update in a series of small “point” updates going back to the initial debut of i Tunes 12 almost three years ago, it actually represents a major shift in the approach of i Tunes, removing all support for the App Store and taking the venerable desktop app back to focusing on media management.

Without getting into too much of a history lesson, the reality is that i Tunes actually started out solely as a music management application back in January 2001 — ten months before anybody outside of Apple had even heard the word “i Pod” in fact, although it was obviously Apple’s intent to make it the key desktop component to the company’s coming i Pod ecosystem, and as the i Pod evolved over the years, so did i Tunes, adding support for podcasts, video content and more as each corresponding i Pod brought new media capabilities.

Fortunately, the i Tunes 12.7 update isn’t quite as dire as many of these users might expect.

Firstly, i Tunes 12.7 won’t actually remove anything from your i Tunes Media folder, so your entire app library will remain safely tucked away in your “Mobile Applications” folder.

Your Apple Music profile — and most of the related sharing features — can be accessed by clicking your photo in the top-right corner of the Apple Music “For You” page.

This will display a banner at the top with your name and handle, followed by a list of your playlists, stations and playlists you’ve recently listened to, and below that, other Apple Music users that are following you, and those that you have chosen to follow.

i Tunes has likewise dropped support for ringtones, pointing users to the app as the place to purchase and manage ringtones.