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Anastasiadating net

Anastasia is a solid dating site, probably the best out there.

Sorry to crush your hopes single men but this site is a scam.This site is a huge scam you will never meet anyone on this site because the girls here dont exist.You are just talking to a call centre agent that will say anything to keep youchatting.if thats not enough proof for you gullible people, i don't know what is. We encourage them to upload professionally made photos and we put a watermark to ensure that these photos will not be used anywhere else.We never charge our clients for the service they don't use and all members can easily get acquainted with the history of their purchases and operations in the profiles.It's a great site but too expensive to And there's a lot of nice women on there I found my only truly love that I will spend my life with and i thanks to Anastasia Date for For a lot of great experience on there I read many of the negative reviews and they are very true! I used Anastasia Date on and off for around a year and met my partner online.

They are very easy to hook, but you never get anywhere with anyone. I no longer use this site as were in a serious relationship but I would really say for anyone who is thinking of trying online dating that this is a good place to start. This is quite an unusual situation, can you please tell us, is there a chance that you have more than one account with us?

So this platform is definitely operated by bots which will spam you and suck your money out .

Guys I was married to a Ukrainian girl for 10 years . All they care about getting out of their country, manipulate you to get a status (green card / passport) and then they will leave you and make your life miserable. All the 1 star reviews in this site are valid , all the rest are fake .

I agree the girls are beautiful but behind those beauty mask are full of lies .

Spare yourself and find a women of your own race and culture , you will be happier trust me.

I managed to get her personal email I would write to her and I would get very short replys anyway come the day she flys out of Ukraine to Auckland New Zealand she is robbed and her passport is taken ...