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Amsterdam dating culture

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• Daft comments, not weed smoke, get up my nose in Amsterdam • Battle in the bike lanes of Amsterdam • Bonfire Night is a damp squib in placid Amsterdam Now, living in Amsterdam I find myself making similar excuses for Dutch people.Rudeness is rechristened as directness; irritability becomes no-nonsense.

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Perhaps criminal records, tap dancing medals, penchant for drilling through the floor, that sort of thing ...The earliest recorded use of that name is in a document dated October 27, 1275, which exempted inhabitants of the village from paying bridge tolls to Count Floris V.This allowed the inhabitants of the village of Aemstelredamme to travel freely through the County of Holland, paying no tolls at bridges, locks and dams.The certificate describes the inhabitants as homines manentes apud Amestelledamme (people residing near Amestelledamme).Amsterdam is much younger than Dutch cities such as Nijmegen, Rotterdam, and Utrecht.Amsterdam's main attractions, including its historic canals, the Rijksmuseum, the Van Gogh Museum, the Stedelijk Museum, Hermitage Amsterdam, the Anne Frank House, the Amsterdam Museum, its red-light district, and its many cannabis coffee shops draw more than 5 million international visitors annually.

After the floods of 11, locals near the river Amstel built a bridge over the river and a dam across it, giving its name to the village: "Aemstelredamme".

Caught up in their cheery optimism that we wouldn’t all end up hating each other I wrote out two identical little notes, with a nice little drawing of some flowers on the back.

Once the notes were delivered I realised that I had accidentally given both of them the wrong number.

Even if my observations remain unproven, this revelation about the North-South/English-Dutch divide over manners has been illuminating.

Rather than attribute things to Dutch directness I have started pointing out when they’ve overstepped the mark. I have gone from dodging awkward questions about my finances, boyfriend and home life to simply digging into my Northern stereotypes and telling the asker that they are out of line.

What would be unacceptable from an English person becomes highly amusing when committed by someone called Dirk Jan.