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Adult chat on my ipad

Adult chat on my ipad-83

This condition usually affects much older people (and thus is commonly called macular degeneration, or AMD). If AMD does indeed flare up and progress, it will slowly rob me of my central vision.

First question has to be: am I, the author of this piece, blind? All the same, with appropriate specs/lenses I have excellent vision.Update: I’ve been informed that when Apple sends out their “Make Your App Accessible” email to companies, they link to this article.If you’re the average sighted person, you probably have no idea what accessibility technologies are (other than being vaguely aware of text-to-speech, screen magnification, and suchlike).Ensuring that your i Phone or i Pad app is accessible (in this case, to visually impaired users) is the right thing to do, and thankfully it’s very easy - in many cases, there’s no work to do at all.This article for i OS developers describes how to implement accessibility support.Every crease and line on my hands is all too visible, and grey hairs in my beard do not go unnoticed in the bathroom mirror.

I play my PS3 and Wii all the time, as well as a fair bit of World of Warcraft.

In this day and age, visual impairment need not hinder use of a computer or the internet.

Let’s start by listing a few popular myths about visually impaired users, and contrasting them with the reality.

So, visual impairment is an entire spectrum of acuity, and indeed a range of different types of conditions - perhaps affecting focus, clarity, colour-perception, peripheral or central vision, movement perception, and more.

Accordingly, there are a wide range of different ways that software and hardware can assist visually impaired users.

It’s my opinion that in this area, i OS is a uniquely suitable platform.