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Adolescent dating tips

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They are sometimes felt as just a sense of heaviness in the abdomen.Severe menstrual cramps can be so painful that they interfere with a woman's normal activities for several days.

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According to the study, the people who cycled to work were as physically active and burned the same amount of calories a week as those who indulged in high and moderate intensity of physical exercise in the gym.Menstrual cramps of some degree affect an estimated 50% of women, and among these, up to 15% would describe their menstrual cramps as severe.Surveys of adolescent girls show that over 90% report having menstrual cramps.In a large-scale study led by the Barcelona Institute of Global Health (ISGlobal) in Spain, researchers observed an association between some air pollutants and mortality from kidney, bladder and colorectal cancer.For the study, the team attached normal mice, which do not naturally develop Alzheimer's disease, to mice modified to carry a mutant human gene that produces high levels of amyloid-beta protein.As per some scientists, it is the placement of an IUD that stimulates an immune response in the cervix, giving the body an opportunity to fight an existing HPV infection that could one day lead to cervical cancer.

People with poor social skills may suffer from mental health problems like depression and anxiety.

People take multiple medications in such cases that sometimes influences the risk of osteoporotic fractures or a disease caused due to reduced bone density.

The paint used on drinking glasses can contain potentially toxic levels of lead and cadmium, increasing health risks, a study has shown.

However, depression in new fathers is often not recognised, thus increasing their risk of developing serious mental health issues, a study has showed.

The findings showed that depression among new fathers is characterised by irritation, restlessness, low stress tolerance and […]Chronic inflammation and pain in arthritis patients also leads to several diseases like cardiovascular, mental and gastrointestinal disorders.

Normal mice that had been joined to genetically modified partners for a year "contracted" Alzheimer's disease.